A School in Lahore with no idea of education

This is about a private school in C-block, Faisal town, Lahore. Its name is “Bascule school of learning” and nobody knows what kind of education and/or curricula they are following. They seemed to have coined their own system of education without taking parents into confidence. They have changed the syllabus for grade 7 kids and have termed grade 8 as grade pre 9. Nobody on earth knows what do they want to achieve by these tricks. It may be noted that the school/college syllabi and curricula are developed all over the world taking into consideration the physical and mental age of the majority of students in a particular grade. No parents in the world take their 10 years brilliant and smart boy to a medical college and ask the principal to admit him in medicine because he is so smart. This “Bascule school of learning” has changed the entire syllabus of a grade and force the students to study the next grade’s syllabus which is nothing less than cruel to these innocent and young minds. We talked to the Principal Child Psychologist of the health department of government of Punjab and she confirmed it that during these formative years one year is of great importance in the learning process of the student and we must never indulge in getting children promoted two classes at a time and that too without any prior permission from the concerned education authorities.

For the past 6-7 years we are watching this ‘school’ as it is situated across the road from our place. It is still NOT clear that which grade of education this school covers. Its name does not specify whether its a primary school (till class 5), a middle school (till grade 8) or high school (till grade 10). In some of their new publicity ads they do claim that they are a “nursery to matric” school but the school owners don’t tell you the names and grades of students who actually passed class 10 from this very school and whether it is affiliated with the Board of secondary education, Lahore, or not. The grade seven (7) students here are being taught grade 8 books but there is no study/ research done by this school/its owners which can testify to the fact that this step is going to favor or help the students in any way. Parents are kept in dark with the result that as the class becomes bigger, there are a few students left to pursue their studies in this school. Another big problem is that they collect huge money in the name of books every year. A little kid is supposed to pay around Rs. 6000.00 for his/her “books” which are nothing but photocopies of some notes and this cycle of over-charging is repeated every year as the child is promoted into next grade. It is a glaring example how the Punjab government is oblivious to the fact that what is being done in the private sector schools in the provincial metropolis of Lahore.
Below is the picture of their most recent “time table”. You can see there is no grade 8. This manipulation of curricula is not in line with any education system of Pakistan. Nobody knows what the owners of this school have in their minds. They should stop playing with the delicate and formative minds of our children. We wonder about the activities of Punjab government’s school departments also.

Very recently one of their teacher was teaching to her students and telling them that there is PARTIAL LOBE of brain (its actually the PARIETAL LOBE.) Their teachers openly ask the students to buy third rate teaching materials like guides and keys because grade 7 students can’t simply cope with the hardships of grade 8 students. You can imagine how absurd it is to tell the grade 7 students that what is GENETIC EDITTING and BIOMEDICAL engineering and BIOTECHNOLOGY. The owner lady and her father who are self proclaimed principals of the school don’t have a post graduate degree like PhD or MPhil in education or any other subject, yet they continue to run the school as they like it and make it a lucrative business. Even when the parents/guardians insist they fail to provide them the list of educational qualification of their teachers which in other words mean that they hire cheap teachers at a much lower pay scale to make even more money at all costs.

The Islamic norms and rules and regulations and our Pakistani culture demand that boys and girls are not together after a certain age. The raging hormones after 10-12 years of age give rise to many complications for which we as a nation are not prepared at all and we don’t want to see our girls and boys running after each other (read sex) except in a normal, moral way of getting married. This Bascule School promises the parents that after grade:6 the girls will have a separate campus to avoid those moral and ethical complications but that promise keeps hanging in the air as in the Faisal Town branch even the students of grade 8 are a mixture of both sexes with all the inherent dangers of a free mix up and later grave consequences. Our government should take a strict action in this regard against the owners of this school.

Published by Dr. Afaq Ahmad Qureshi

Physician, writer, broadcaster, journalist, translator, free lance writer, poet, political and social analyst and critic. Writes plays and features for electronic media, interested in numerous things from sociology to medicine to history and art. interest in books and internet, writes for http://www.blogcritic.com also; editor for an internet journal; at http://twitter.com/dr_afaqaq.

4 thoughts on “A School in Lahore with no idea of education

  1. Absolutely Right. Private sector has become Mafia. No regulatory body. Govt should establish regulatory body and implement its policy of SINGLE CURRICULUM.

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    1. Thank you so much Habib sahib. For the last almost 40 years education has become an ugly business in Pakistan. Every street in our cities and towns has these so called “English medium” schools with horribly high fee structure and fancy books published by some elite press.
      These schools used fancy words in their ads on #Facebook and other places and the (mostly) illiterate parents are trapped by their colorful posters and sign boards. Most of them don’t even have a play ground, what to talk of having other basic facilities for students. The owners (who instantly become principals after opening the school) do as they wish. No prescribed syllabus or even grade structure is observed. The federal and provincial governments of Pakistan must make this aspect of our lives a priority so that we can safeguard the future generation of the country.

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