Why America lost ‘forever war’ and ‘the longest war’ in Afghanistan.

Why Americans/NATO forces bitterly failed in almost two decades of war with Afghan Taliban. What makes this rugged and mountainous country impossible to conquer through ages.

ہم عظیم قوم ہیں! (گزشتہ سے پیوستہ) III.

About the collective psyche of Pakistani people.
پاکستان کے لوگ کس طرح سوچتے ہیں-

(ہم عظیم قوم ہیں! (گزشتہ سے پیوستہ) II

An Urdu essay about the psyche of Pakistani nation.

ہم عظیم قوم ہیں! پاکستان کا عام آدمی بے شمار غلط فہمیوں میں زندگی گزارتا ہے۔ یہ تحریر اسی بارے میں ہے۔

A write up about the psyche of Pakistani nation in Urdu.

Pakistan: Conflict of Kashmir with India.

A very brief introduction to the conflict of Kashmir between Pakistan and India. How in October 1947 the ruler of Kashmir fled to India and gave the entire Muslim majority province/state to India against the wishes of its people.

2. How do I know the Dengue fever has become dangerous? Dengue in Lahore: Serious symptoms.

Dengue fever can become very serious if the element of hemorrhage sets in. If the following symptoms are observed, take immediate steps. SYMPTOMS: 1. Abdominal pain 2. Persistent vomitting 3. Weakness, increasing sleepiness 4. Cold sweats 5. Shortness of breath 6. Dark color urine 7. Lot of drinking fluids but very low urinary output. IfContinue reading “2. How do I know the Dengue fever has become dangerous? Dengue in Lahore: Serious symptoms.”

What happened at OJHRI CAMP in Rawalpindi in 1988.

An account of the fateful day of April 10, 1988 when the largest ammunition depot at OJHRI (near Islamabad) was blown & destroyed killing more than 4000 people. A veteran politician, Kalsoom SaifUllah in her latest book has revealed that General Zia ul Haq himself ordered the destruction of the facility so that to avoid American checking of the stocks. American were concerned that Stinger missiles were being sold to Iran.

Dengue Fever in Lahore. What we should know and do about it. How do I know I have Dengue fever.

A brief, concise guide to Dengue fever which is creating havoc in the Punjab province of Pakistan, particularly in Lahore. Prevention, treatment and diagnosis are also discussed.

My Notes: Dr. Afaq Ahmad Qureshi

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