Why America lost the longest war in Afghanistan.

Why Americans/NATO forces bitterly failed in almost two decades of war with Afghan Taliban. What makes this rugged and mountainous country impossible to conquer through ages.

Pakistan: Conflict of Kashmir with India.

A very brief introduction to the conflict of Kashmir between Pakistan and India. How in October 1947 the ruler of Kashmir fled to India and gave the entire Muslim majority province/state to India against the wishes of its people.

What happened at OJHRI CAMP in Rawalpindi in 1988.

An account of the fateful day of April 10, 1988 when the largest ammunition depot at OJHRI (near Islamabad) was blown & destroyed killing more than 4000 people. A veteran politician, Kalsoom SaifUllah in her latest book has revealed that General Zia ul Haq himself ordered the destruction of the facility so that to avoid American checking of the stocks. American were concerned that Stinger missiles were being sold to Iran.

Freedom of speech or hate crime redifined?

First the excerpt from BBC News website: Irving tests Europe’s free speech As Europe proudly flexes its freedom of speech credentials in the ongoing row over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, even some of his enemies were uncomfortable that he faced incarceration for his unpalatable historical views. for those readers who are mildly aware ofContinue reading “Freedom of speech or hate crime redifined?”

The Lost Symbol: what it is all about.

About another book by famous writer, Dan Brown in which occult is dealt with. This review is about that novel.

Latest war in Pakistan: Politics after Elections 2008.

The split mandate given in February 2008 elections by the nation didnt work out as anticipated. Things are going from bad to worse and the politicians have failed to deliver. After Benazir Bhutto there is nobody capable of real leadership in Pakistan who could also keep the federation intact. In the February elections Punjab votedContinue reading “Latest war in Pakistan: Politics after Elections 2008.”

Bhutto’s death: A dream has vanished

Last night I was passing by the main avenue when I saw some flickering lights in the distant. It was Pakistan peoples party office and the large portraits of Z. A. Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto were wrapped in the pitch darkness of the night. In the foreground were people with candles in their hands. It was a candle lightContinue reading “Bhutto’s death: A dream has vanished”

Do Muslims consider suicide bombers as martyrs…?

Christians: Do you consider bombing the children, taking the lands of other nations illegally, making ghettos and causing holocausts, depriving people of their right to exist as “love of Lord”, misguided dupes or something else? Does bible teaches you tyranny? Is this what Christ told you? Answer is so clear within the question. Both nukesContinue reading “Do Muslims consider suicide bombers as martyrs…?”

Why cant Iran have nuclear power when Israel, US, and others have it.

People say and claim: 1. Iran is a non peaceful country.we have had problems with them for years… 2. Iran is run by a bunch of lunatics that believe in something that came from before the middle ages(That’s the dark ages to you idiots), and want the whole world in on their strange little beliefContinue reading “Why cant Iran have nuclear power when Israel, US, and others have it.”

My Notes: Dr. Afaq Ahmad Qureshi

Its about Pakistan, the world, the people, culture, and books.

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