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Pakistan after 13 months of Imran Khan’s rule

People in Pakistan are getting rest less with the rule of Imran Khan as he failed to deliver. The mega corrupt Sharif and Zardari families are having fun in jails while common man suffers. Continue reading

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Pakistan: Conflict of Kashmir with India.

A very brief introduction to the conflict of Kashmir between Pakistan and India. How in October 1947 the ruler of Kashmir fled to India and gave the entire Muslim majority province/state to India against the wishes of its people.

Continue reading

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How do people raise kids in the West and in the East.

When I talked to Alice her son James was not home. I inquired about him and I came to know that as he is 19 now he was uncomfortable living with his mother so he has gone to another city … Continue reading

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Ten (10) characteristics of empty men and women.

A worldview about the people of the world we live in. The term “empty” does not constitute a taboo of any kind. Continue reading

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Profile of a poor family in Pakistan

(Names and places are real like poverty. In one US$ you get approximately 100 rupees). Tufail and Razia got married some 30 years ago. At that time they lived in Kasur. They both belonged to poor families and when I … Continue reading

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PAKISTAN – as of October 2017.

A resume of life in general in Pakistan as observed in October 2017. Continue reading

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Freshly Pressed Ideas: (Not a manual for being freshly pressed).

1. Photography: Use the lens to capture the following. A bicycle or its parts. Any other machine / machinery parts are also FP worthy. So take heed and give importance to the old parts lying in and around your dwelling. … Continue reading

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How the time flies. How it stops when it’s a holiday.

I do not make ‘to do’ lists. They scare me as I know I would not be able to place tick marks on at least 90% of the listed items. Remaining 10% to me are never so important and therefore … Continue reading

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On getting up in the morning with a severe headache.

A life experience. Headaches are pretty common on getting up in the morning. An account of a morning like that and what happened to the author on that day. Continue reading

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2. How do I know the Dengue fever has become dangerous? Dengue in Lahore: Serious symptoms.

Dengue fever can become very serious if the element of hemorrhage sets in. If the following symptoms are observed, take immediate steps. SYMPTOMS: 1. Abdominal pain 2. Persistent vomitting 3. Weakness, increasing sleepiness 4. Cold sweats 5. Shortness of breath … Continue reading

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