2. How do I know the Dengue fever has become dangerous? Dengue in Lahore: Serious symptoms.

Dengue fever can become very serious if the element of hemorrhage sets in. If the following symptoms are observed, take immediate steps. SYMPTOMS: 1. Abdominal pain 2. Persistent vomitting 3. Weakness, increasing sleepiness 4. Cold sweats 5. Shortness of breath 6. Dark color urine 7. Lot of drinking fluids but very low urinary output. IfContinue reading “2. How do I know the Dengue fever has become dangerous? Dengue in Lahore: Serious symptoms.”

American War doesn’t make us smile.

USA drone attacks are killing innocent Pakistan women, children and old men. The ratio of ‘collateral damage’ is far high and American is witnessing growing hatred in the hearts and minds of average Pakistani.

Latest war in Pakistan: Politics after Elections 2008.

The split mandate given in February 2008 elections by the nation didnt work out as anticipated. Things are going from bad to worse and the politicians have failed to deliver. After Benazir Bhutto there is nobody capable of real leadership in Pakistan who could also keep the federation intact. In the February elections Punjab votedContinue reading “Latest war in Pakistan: Politics after Elections 2008.”

Bhutto’s death: A dream has vanished

Last night I was passing by the main avenue when I saw some flickering lights in the distant. It was Pakistan peoples party office and the large portraits of Z. A. Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto were wrapped in the pitch darkness of the night. In the foreground were people with candles in their hands. It was a candle lightContinue reading “Bhutto’s death: A dream has vanished”

Why cant Iran have nuclear power when Israel, US, and others have it.

People say and claim: 1. Iran is a non peaceful country.we have had problems with them for years… 2. Iran is run by a bunch of lunatics that believe in something that came from before the middle ages(That’s the dark ages to you idiots), and want the whole world in on their strange little beliefContinue reading “Why cant Iran have nuclear power when Israel, US, and others have it.”

Is Hammas religiously based or political: Question

“Hamas is the modern day Adolf Hitler. Destroy it ASAP”. “Its evil incarnate”. All these slogans and answers to this question are great emotional upheavals. But is this “all” the realiy? or is there something more to it than we are fed with through our beloved newsmedia. What about Christian democrat parties, by the way.Continue reading “Is Hammas religiously based or political: Question”

Division of Pakistan (1971) & the role of religious leadership

Pakistan consisted of East & West wings before 1971. In the same year the Eastern wing got independent after Pakistan suffered defeat in the war against India. Role of mullah (clergy) is discussed in this break up and defeat.

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