What happened at OJHRI CAMP in Rawalpindi in 1988.

An account of the fateful day of April 10, 1988 when the largest ammunition depot at OJHRI (near Islamabad) was blown & destroyed killing more than 4000 people. A veteran politician, Kalsoom SaifUllah in her latest book has revealed that General Zia ul Haq himself ordered the destruction of the facility so that to avoid American checking of the stocks. American were concerned that Stinger missiles were being sold to Iran.

Dengue Fever in Lahore. What we should know and do about it. How do I know I have Dengue fever.

A brief, concise guide to Dengue fever which is creating havoc in the Punjab province of Pakistan, particularly in Lahore. Prevention, treatment and diagnosis are also discussed.

Freedom of speech or hate crime redifined?

First the excerpt from BBC News website: Irving tests Europe’s free speech As Europe proudly flexes its freedom of speech credentials in the ongoing row over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, even some of his enemies were uncomfortable that he faced incarceration for his unpalatable historical views. for those readers who are mildly aware ofContinue reading “Freedom of speech or hate crime redifined?”

Shortage of Water in Pakistan and Indian breach of Indus water treaty.

At Marala, on river Chenab (in Pakistan) the water flow was found to be 40% less than previous years in the second week of January 2010. The average flow at this point in last ten years has been 11,000 cusecs. The commissioner Indus water treaty in Pakistan, Mr. Syed Jamaat Ali  disclosed the facts recently.Continue reading “Shortage of Water in Pakistan and Indian breach of Indus water treaty.”

Latest war in Pakistan: Politics after Elections 2008.

The split mandate given in February 2008 elections by the nation didnt work out as anticipated. Things are going from bad to worse and the politicians have failed to deliver. After Benazir Bhutto there is nobody capable of real leadership in Pakistan who could also keep the federation intact. In the February elections Punjab votedContinue reading “Latest war in Pakistan: Politics after Elections 2008.”

Bhutto’s death: A dream has vanished

Last night I was passing by the main avenue when I saw some flickering lights in the distant. It was Pakistan peoples party office and the large portraits of Z. A. Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto were wrapped in the pitch darkness of the night. In the foreground were people with candles in their hands. It was a candle lightContinue reading “Bhutto’s death: A dream has vanished”

2008: Elections in Pakistan

On November 3rd, 2007 Pakistan became lawless. A state of emergency was declared and the 1973 constitution ceased to work. Basic rights were gone. Judiciary was sacked, ( http://comment.independent.co.uk/commentators/article3132477.ece) and the civil society was stunned. General Pervez Musharraf had declared the state of emergency to combat with the increasing judicial activism in Pakistan. The chief justice ofContinue reading “2008: Elections in Pakistan”

A nightmare called Sony Ericsson K 700i

So that is how I parted from my Sony Ericsson K 700i mobile phone. It was last May that the phone was launched with ads of various pop/rock/third grade to first rate artists holding the phone and their moms and sisters pouring over them to let them see the would be daughter-in-law/sister-in-law. Artist in theContinue reading “A nightmare called Sony Ericsson K 700i”