Freedom of speech or hate crime redifined?

First the excerpt from BBC News website:

Irving tests Europe’s free speech

As Europe proudly flexes its freedom of speech credentials in the ongoing row over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, even some of his enemies were uncomfortable that he faced incarceration for his unpalatable historical views.

for those readers who are mildly aware of the facts and figures of holocaust and its ramifications into the Western culture, and its ultimate inclusion in the thought process / collective psyche of the West, the guilt these facts, factoids,stories, movies, books and cornucopia of a very well planned propaganda about the real and presumed misery of a people generated in the mind of the post world war II free world, it is suggested that they read the tragedy accounts by unbiased historians and without prejudice. Nobody denies that atrocities were not committed and it surely was a crime against humanity when thousands of Jews were killed in the ghettos of Adolf Hitler’s regime. But is it fair to literally kidnap the free thinking and ban it by imposing harsh sentences in the name of ‘hate crimes’ when somebody dares to differ? Do ask yourself this question.

And its a coincidence that all claims about the freedom of speech are null and void when somebody from the same West (oh we are proud of our freedom and its these barbaric-extremist Muslims who are against the freedom of speech/ democratic values) dares to raise voice that ”hey give me a break, it wasn’t at least 6 millions Jews who perished in the concentration camps in Poland and Germany. Saying this, it’s on record, amounts to ‘hate crime’. What is hard to understand and goes against all logic, is the fact that if you do something to ridicule the very belief of a religion, you allow it, look forward to propagate it and any reactions thereof are labeled as ‘acts of terrorism and intolerance’, then its time you face the mirror and acknowledge the masked values boasting of freedom and democracy. The same thing has happened very recently on Facebook where ‘draw’ page was allowed but the pages about holocaust and Hitler were promptly banned.

The news of a famous historian, Mr. King’s trial and sentence have made me feel bad. Is he being punished for freedom of speech?

“…(Mr. King) has now been sentenced to three years after being found guilty of Holocaust denial at a trial in Vienna (reported BBC news)”.
It’s ironical that he is “guilty” of denying holocaust which is not as divine as a prophet at least, and neither is considered a book of God. But those who are guilty of making and publishing caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad (who incidentally declared that His followers are not to consider themselves faithful unless they have complete faith in the prophet hood of all the prophets from Abraham, Jesus, Isaac, Jacob to Moses) are hauled as the flag bearers of liberty and are above the law.

One section of the biased and totally under the influence of aforementioned ramification-into-collective-psyche press has the cheek to discuss this whole incidence by saying that Mr. King is a “notorious” guy who did the unthinkable by denying the ‘sacred’ holocaust (this may be noted that no sane person on earth can deny that killings are the most heinous of crimes and the killing of Jews by German authorities is lamentable and cannot be justified by any school of thought or religion. In the words of that section of the press …”Notorious British right-wing historian David Irving finally got his day in court in Vienna on Monday, where he is facing charges that could lead to up to 10 years of imprisonment in Austria on allegations that he denied the extent of the Holocaust”… How myopic we become when degrading a person whose only crime is to stay away from the mainstream; mainstream in this case means that why on earth he dared to differ from the intricately woven web of beliefs about the alleged killing of 6 million human beings, is evident from the following comments by the same ‘free speech’ advocates …”The self-confident, self-taught writer has enjoyed causing uproar, especially among mainstream historians, ever since the 1960s. His sensationally written and extensively documented biographies of leading Nazi figures were bestsellers up until the 1980s…”.

The world has a test case for its conscience. The press has to rethink about its much talked about ‘freedom’, because it’s not fair and democratic to punish someone whose crime is free speech and publication of what he thinks is right and if he is punished, then what about the Dutch cartoonist who insulted a billion people living on the same planet?

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Shortage of Water in Pakistan and Indian breach of Indus water treaty.

At Marala, on river Chenab (in Pakistan) the water flow was found to be 40% less than previous years in the second week of January 2010. The average flow at this point in last ten years has been 11,000 cusecs. The commissioner Indus water treaty in Pakistan, Mr. Syed Jamaat Ali  disclosed the facts recently. He exposed that the main reason for this decrease in the flow is due to the illegal and inhuman resource building by India on this river. According to a report during the years 2008-9 the river flow at Marala, Chenab has been less than 50% of the previous average.
It’s a matter of life and death for Pakistan that in all its rivers which come from India and Indian held Kashmir, the water flow is decreasing persistently. The fertile lands in the catchment areas of these rivers in Pakistan are being rendered barren gradually and at an alarming pace. Deforestation is at its full swing and dangerous environmental hazards are being produced. Along with the rivers Chenab, Indus, Jhelum, Ravi, Bias and Sutlej the lands are an example of barren landscape and ruins of human dwellings. The centuries old civilization which thrived along the banks of these once mighty rivers are now rapidly vanishing and social, cultural and economic impact of the Indian’s schemes of depriving Pakistan of its legal waters is monumental

India is not only building dams and power projects on these rivers but is also busy in diverting their flow. Last year only there was a shortage of 55,000 cusecs of water in Pakistan which is alarming and is becoming a cause of tension between the two countries. Its becoming vital for Pakistan to plead its case in the International court of justice because if remedial measures are not taken by India vast lands in Pakistan will convert into deserts and famine will result in Pakistan with massive loss of life and property.
The Indus water treaty of 1960 solved the water problem for India and Pakistan in a judicious manner. Both the countries were the signatories of the treaty but now very unfortunately India has taken an absolutely immoral stance and is stubbornly and deliberately depriving Pakistan of its legal waters. In a blatant violation of the treaty India is building more than sixty projects on the rivers whose water was legally owned by Pakistan. 147 kilometer up north the head Marala on river Chenab in the Indian held Kashmir, in district Doda, India is building the notorious Buglehar Dam and hydroelectric power plant. Its immediate result is that in Pakistan there has been such shortage in the flow of Chenab that they have to close the Marala-Ravi link canal which was a vital source of irrigation. In the command area of head Marala there simply is not enough water. As a result three million acres of fertile land has become barren. Pakistan couldn’t even had the Mangla dam filled at its full capacity due to this shortage. It has presented this issue on various international forums but nothing has been done in the right direction. Pakistan maintains that the design and structure of Baglehar dam is in total violation of the Indus water treaty. The World Bank was also contacted in this connection which appointed a consultant who concluded that the objections on Pakistan’s part are all valid and genuine. With this dam alone Pakistan is being deprived of 0.3 million and twenty one thousand acre feet of water annually. According to IWT (Indus water treaty) India cannot build dams to store waters on rivers Indus, Chenab and Jhelum. It can only have ‘run of river hydro electric power projects’. But in Buglehar dam alone the capacity to store water is in the tune of 0.32 million acre feet of water. By building these dams India has also reinforced its infrastructure in the Indian held Kashmir and is trying to mix the political issues with water problems. It seems that India is ready to convert the Pakistani rivers into Hakra and Sarsvati the once mighty rivers now converted into barren landscape by building dams over them.
In the last ten years India has built more than a dozen hydroelectric projects and dams on river Chenab with the resultant electricity production of 8696 megawatts. Mr. Zahur ul Hasan Dar of IWT council claims that by the year 2013 Pakistan faces the danger of being declared as calamity struck area. In October 2008 president Zardari took this issue with the prime minister of India and told him of the seriousness of the water crisis for Pakistan. But Indian government has turned a deaf ear to all these pleadings. A common opinion is that India as the eternal enemy of Pakistan, despite its claims of democracy and rule of law is deliberately trying to make Pakistan suffer due to loss of irrigation waters and power projects on its legal waters.

River Indus

River Indus

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Mian Nawaz Sharif: Democracy or Family Empire.

Nawaz Sharif of PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League) is himself the life long leader of his party. This is not a constitutional office he holds. Democracy which he claims he is fighting for, is not even an issue with him or his family who hold all important offices in the party. His younger brother Shahbaz Sharif is the Chief Minister of the biggest province, Punjab and the President of the party. The sons of Nawaz Sharif are all in the sprawling family business (in Dubai and England) and therefore have not been bestowed upon with offices of the party but his nephew, Hamza Sharif who is politically orientated is a member of National assembly. His in law, Mr. Ishaq Dar is a senator and a member of his kitchen cabinet. Husband of one of his cousins, Sohail Zia butt is the member of Central executive committee of PML(N). A sister’s son, Omar Sohail butt was chosen to become a MNA and another sister’s son, Khurram Sohail is ‘serving’ the nation in the capacity of member Punjab assembly. His wife’s nephew Mohsin Latif was made member provincial assembly and another near relative Bilal Yasin a MNA. Mian Nawaz Sharif made his son in law, Captain (retired) Safdar, got elected from Rawalpindi as MNA and when a seat of national assembly got vacant in the Mansehra district of NWFP, he gave the ticket to his brother Tahir Ali. But the guy who suffered in the hands of government agencies and was victimized, Siddiq ul Farooq was neither given a ticket for Rawalpindi or Mansehra. Even though his services for the party were commendable but he is not the part of the “family” and neither belongs to the ‘elite’ rich industrial / feudal group within the party.



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American War doesn’t make us smile.

The American missiles used inside the territory of Pakistan has killed 700 people in 2006. Only 14 wanted terrorists were killed. Senior adviser to US army, David Killculen told the congress during a briefing. He suggested that drone attacks be abolished but his advice has been neglected. If we consider this figure of 14 to be true, then the question arises that was it vital to kill them? As 98% people killed in these attacks were surely innocent, mostly women, children and old people. Can the human right groups think about this massive damage to the life of Pakistanis?
In 2009 American drones attacked Pakistani soil 44 times. During all these attacks only 5 wanted al-qaeda people were killed and 708 people died as a result of these missile attacks by man-less drones. Its like for every wanted terrorist Pakistan is made to pay for the lives of 140 innocent people. It also means that on an average 58 people die due to American missiles every month. When USA is killing 2 Pakistanis per day, how can they expect any significant number of people to support their policies in general and their Af-Pak policy in particular.

The statistics gathered by Govt. of Pakistan show that in four years (from 2006 to 2009) there has been 83 drone attacks killing a total of 1258 people. Even if 19 were wanted terrorists (why don’t you capture and try them America! is a popular slogan in Pakistan), what about the rest of 1239 innocent victims who died for US war by US drones living peacefully in their homes. How many small villages have been razed, how many destroyed houses are there and how many lost their limbs and became crippled for life? These and other questions haunt the psyche of average Pakistani where seeds of hatred against USA are growing alarmingly and US has to do something about it.

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The Lost Symbol: what it is all about.

A boy in his 20’s is lying helpless in a Turkish prison. He is cold and hungry while things around him are lousy and pathetic, the jailer is greedy and cruel. The boy has a lot of money and is the inheritor of a huge fortune. He got caught when on a spending/ whoring spree in Europe. Before landing  in his cell he was given the option of wealth or wisdom by his billionaire dad but he not only refused wisdom without the tag of money but also the college education. This boy is either killed or kills another helpless boy with the connivance of the jailer and goes to live in a Greek island where he suddenly becomes interested in wisdom and starts to devour world literature and women. Living in a posh Greek neighborhood he wants to be treated like a god. He loves Odyssey and then continues his literary pursuits till he becomes so well educated that in near future he becomes grand master of 33rd degree in the Washington DC’s freemason lodge. Who is this boy who changes his name after Moloch the unfortunate angel to Malakh. We will find later. The jailed boy with rich influential father is Zach.

Confusion is the first thing that ‘grips’ the reader while going through the latest bestseller of Dan Brown’s book “The Lost Symbol”. Not only this boy who refuses college in the first place becomes so good in literature and politics but also takes keen interest in and then starts to follow the occult and mysteries of the ancient world which according to Dan Brown are present in all the major religions of the world. The boy chooses occult as his specialty and not only his palatial mansion but his body is also decorated with sigils and tattoos depicting one or other mystery of the world. He however leaves one clean spot of skin on his forehead from which he is supposed to receive the ultimate wisdom from the evil gods or demons. This in short is the story of the boy, Malakh. Zach allegedly gets killed in the Turkish jail and the jailer after getting his booty never returns to the book though he is shown a middle aged guy and must have a family. Author thought it best to simply remove him from the scene after the murder. Readers’ sympathy winner boy is perhaps dead in a forlorn prison where his father has abandoned him in spite of his contacts with the highest officials in the state department. His dad is very well connected throughout the book but still chooses to leave his son there as if taking revenge for not choosing wisdom and college education and refusing to do anything with the mysterious family inheritance.

The famous historian / cryptic reader / Harvard professor of Mr. Brown, Robert Langdon is on a private visit to Washington DC. He has been invited there by nobody other than his rich and famous friend, Peter. Who is now in the same 33rd degree of Freemasonry as Malakh. Some decades ago, Malakh before becoming a literate mind has tried to kill the family of Peter. In that incident in which he goes to steal the secret and most sacred Pyramid from Peter’s house he kills Peter’s mother, Isabel and now the only surviving members of the family are Peter and his sister, Katherine. She is interested in Noetic sciences which is like relating the modern day science with the facts and fiction of the under world and mystery and occult and what not. Ancient knowledge is the second hero of the book and apparently that knowledge which emanated from every religion has become a tool of wisdom in the pure hands of Freemasons of Washington area. Malakh now heads them and is after the same pyramid whose capstone has been given to Langdon by Peter. Everything in the book is so secret and so wrapped in mystery that we are lost in the shroud of mystery till about 100 pages are left when suddenly a charade of events and lectures by Peter and Katherine unfold to tell us who is who.

Inou Sato is a Japanese American who is the director of CIA in Washington area. Her assistant Nola doesn’t sleep throughout the novel. In fact nobody gets any sleep during the entire length of the book which starts at about 6 pm and ends in the wee hours of the next morning. All the characters surprisingly and through some strange mystic power remain agile and a few yawns and sluggish moments apart, they are always spontaneous and ready to jump to the demands of the writer. Sato and Langdon find a cut right hand in the arena of the museum and the action starts. Robert recognizes this hand as belonging to his famous and rich and mason friend, Peter. So he is held hostage, naturally, and his life is in dire danger. Another masonry, Mr. Bellamy comes to rescue Robert from Sato and physically assaults not only the CIA director but a high police officer, Mr. Anderson. Both of them then run to the main library and the author goes on to describe the latest technological advances used by the American security agencies in apprehending the fugitives. They include night vision goggles and laser guided rifles which are so threatening. The reader at the same time lauds the efforts of Mr. Bellamy in rescuing Robert and his mate and the hi-tech equipment used by the CIA guys. Not to mention that the techie things fail and the hero and the heroine escape unharmed to the sanctuary of another Mason’s chapel. Before that we are told that the running mate of Robert, Ms. Katherine has been privileged enough to have a huge pod 5 to herself as her lab for the experiments of occult sciences and noetics where she runs weird things like measuring the human spirit in fractions of grams. The bad guy Malakh had already tried to kill her but could only destroy her pod and drown her assistant Ms. Trish in a sophisticated glass container along with a dead long squid. Katherine runs and ends up with Robert who is in the process of evading Ms. Sato and her professional killers.

During their rendezvous at the library and then at the temporary refuge at the blind pastor’s chapel they unmask the secret messages inscribed on the small pyramid and its capstone. Robert has brought this capstone with him and Katherine performs ancient scientific experiments to unmask the inscriptions on these two artifacts. As usual the historian Harvard professor, Robert Langdon is assigned the task of solving the complexities of these inscriptions which are many and present themselves at all levels. In the meantime the kidnapper has killed a CIA official also along with a lady guard and is in the process of killing both Robert and Katherine. In search of 8 Franklin squares the characters of the book spread out while Malakh goes out with his captor, Peter to an ancient temple in the mountains.

The ‘word’ is sacred. Dan Brown spends much energy and almost 100 pages in making us realize how important this ‘word’ is. All the mysterious inscriptions on the duo of pyramid and its capstone ultimately point towards this one entity. He brings examples from various cultures, religions and regions of the world in proof of his hypothesis. He has of course not studied Islam otherwise he would have known that Islam doesn’t practice occult phenomenon and everything has been made clear by its holy book Quran where God Almighty says that all the creations are there because of his omnipotence and that all He has to say is (of course a word),  “kun” and things happen, “fayakoon”. The writer spends all his energy to make this thing understood in the minds of the readers.

The climax of the book takes us to an underground deserted temple where Malakh has taken his captive, Peter with him, apparently to give ultimate blood sacrifice to possess those powers and knowledge of mysteries which have been deciphered from the little pyramid and its capstone. He believes this is the direction given by those cryptic maps on the base of the pyramid. He gives a lecture to Peter about things mysterious and ancient knowledge and how he attains to be godlike specially after he has castrated and purify himself by chanting various mantras. Peter, after having lost his right hand is in a hurry because Katherine lies bleeding in a secret chamber of Malakh’s mansion while he believes his dear and trustworthy friend; Robert is already dead in a glass coffin. Killed and drowned by the evil Malakh. But the tables suddenly turn when the evil addresses Peter and tells him that it’s the ultimate sacrifice as he is none other than his own son, Zach. Peter cries helplessly. The CIA chopper reaches the dome of the building in time to make the glass dome crash and right beneath it, on a stone slab, Malakh or Zach dies due to shattered glass shrapnel which tore his body. Back home Katherine has been saved by the CIA and they have pleasantly discovered that Robert was also alive. He was drowned in some kind of biologic liquid which maintains the circulation of air much like the circulation of oxygen inside the womb. Pretty happy ending. The harder part is after this. The legendary staircase is right there in the city and Peter who is remarkably safe and sound even after an amputated hand and much bleeding, takes Robert to those stairs where in a series of illusions and facts and glowing lights they talk about how the apocalypse is a misnomer and how the people need to burry themselves deeper into the meanings of gospel to find the true salvation. Found it confusing? Well, that’s how I felt after finishing the last page. (to be continued).

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Pakistan: Waiting for a Revolution!

The masses are shocked as in Pakistan the co Chairman of PPP Mr. Asif Ali Zardari leaves for London, then flies to Dubai and then calls the entire cabinet and the premier there. People are committing suicide because of increasing chaos and price hike and these guys are having fun on tax payers’ money. Now the people of Pakistan are saying that why not declare Dubai as the summer/ autumn/ winter capital of Pakistan.

The new government has not been able to deliver in any of the areas since it took oath in early 2008. With the lack of an independent judiciary in the state, justice has become something which is not achievable for a man in the street. This is the single most important factor which is making the lives of millions miserable. People simply have no rights. Its only the chosen few landlords/ industrialists/ ex army men who are the elite owners of the power corridors and every law can be bend to suit their needs. Recently a large number of scandals came to press in which public property was given at dirt cheap prices to the civil bureaucracy but no action has been taken against the offenders. While in Karachi a guy hanged himself to death when he couldn’t pay a small loan by the Citibank. Statistics are now available with the national assembly that billions of rupees of debts have been waived off by the banks. The big names are insiders of the government so no action will ever be taken against them. There is growing unrest in the country due to this lawlessness and no remedial measures are seen even in the distant future. The political leadership simply appears to have lost all sense of direction.

In the troubled NWFP province and in FATA (federally administered areas) the religious fanatics have reached the posh locality of the provincial capital, Peshawar, called Hyat-abad. They have ordered the cable operators to censor certain channels and the guards in the locality have been told that they will be paid by those who have given orders that if they see anything ‘illicit and against their norms’ they should inform them. Failure to comply would lead to death. This is tantamount to running a state within a state but the government is happy when its spokesperson Mr. Rehman Malik comes on the TV and tells that everything is under control. It is most certainly not. The people of Pakistan are being lost in a cloud of apprehensions created by the recent media growth. Every news channel with its so called experts and analysts keep airing the doubts about the fate of the country and there is a race to portray the darkest possible picture. Common man cannot cope with the ever increasing prices of essential utilities and commodities and people have started to either kill their children or sell them. These incidences were sporadic to begin with but now there are blaring headlines every day informing the people of the suicide rate and occurrences of any particular day. Social pressures are the most ignored ones and no academic policies have been thought of or made to counter these rapidly changing circumstances in the country. The polarization between the haves and have nots have become increasingly sharp and some believe its heading towards a bloodshed.

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Latest war in Pakistan: Politics after Elections 2008.

The split mandate given in February 2008 elections by the nation didnt work out as anticipated. Things are going from bad to worse and the politicians have failed to deliver.

After Benazir Bhutto there is nobody capable of real leadership in Pakistan who could also keep the federation intact. In the February elections Punjab voted for PML (N) and Sharif brothers became the king makers there. Whereas in Sindh majority voted for the party of Bhutto. The later is now headed by Mr. Asif Zardari, husband of later Ms. Bhutto. In her lifetime she had rejected him as a political figure and when she returned to Pakistan to take part in elections of January 2008, she wisely ignored Mr. Zardari and left him behind as a liability instead of an asset.

In the last days of June 2008, the prime minister, Mr. Yousaf Raza Gilani allegedly ordered an operation in the FATA (federally administered areas) of Pakistan. The real decision making is however done by Mr. Zardari who has little political acumen as proved by the trail of events since elections. Its ironical that the parliament was not taken into confidence regarding military operation in FATA and the coalition partners of Mr. Zardari are very vocal against this action. The judiciary crises was also mishandled by Zardari and inspite of an  accord (the bhourbon accord)  with his coalition partners, the sharifs, he couldn’t reinstate the judges in time and instead came up with a lousy ‘constitutional package’ prepared by his cronies. The proposed package has nothing to alleviate the rampant poverty or unemployment or for that matter anything to counter the increasing terrorism in the NWFP. In Punjab also the real power is in the hands of Sharif brothers who have an agenda of their own and its most unfortunate that neither realizes the problems faced by the common man. Increasing prices of all commodities have led to increase in suicide rates, lowering of tolerance, anger, creation of clan like culture in every nook and corner of the country, a totally disturbed social fabric and lack of the writ of the government in controlling anything from prices to terrorism policies. Both Zardari and Sharifs are at a loss to understand the underlying unrest in the country and have bitterly failed the nation. Elections 2008 have therefore done nothing for the masses who voted to remove the dictatorial rule of Musharraf. He is still the president of Pakistan and has no intentions of stepping down.

On June 29, 2008 government allowed a price hike in petroleum products which will cause massive unrest. It has been told that the expenditure by the ministers, including the ones from PML (N), who resigned in protest earlier, runs into billions of ruppees whereas the ordinary Pakistani is finding it hard to make both ends meet.  The provincial government of ANP (awami national party) in NWFP at first claimed to resolve the conflicts with local taliban and religious parties of the troubled areas of Swat and FATA but after sometimes there was a U turn and the federal minister, Mr. Rehman Malik ordered an operation which he now refuses to admit and maintaines that its only some steps to counter the tribal terrorism. Common man resents these killings and use of force against so called innocent religious parties. Government doesn’t have effective media policy which would have been instrumental in preparing the nation of the lawlessness of these groups. The prevailing sentiment is that its a re play of “lal masjid” fiasco in which scores of innocent lives were taken by the military operation. A recent interview by retired Gen. Jamshaid G. Kyani has fueled this feeling and the public is entirely against the use of force in tribal areas of Pakistan. No matter how determined the United states of America is, people of Pakistan have their quota of hatred towards their policies and with some very solid reasons and emotions.

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The lever that didn’t kill Benazir Bhutto


Two days after the Bhutto’s assassination Brig. Javed Iqbal Cheema of the interior ministry, govt of Pakistan, in a live press conference told the viewers that it was “the lever of sunroof” which killed Benazir Bhutto. He claimed that this “lever” caused a ‘depressed fratcutre of the skull’ which was the cause of death. Ironically on the night of December 27, 2007, the doctors of Rawalpindi general hospital had declared that her death was due to the bullet wounds which entered her neck and caused damage to brainstem.  Government spokesman Javed Iqbal Cheema said that Bhutto was killed after she hit her head against the sunroof lever of her Toyota Land Cruiser as it left the Liaqat Bagh in the twin city of Rawalpindi after addressing a rally. Cheema did not dispute the fact that three bullets were fired and followed by a bomb blast but claimed that neither the bullets nor shrapnel from the explosion hit the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader. Instead, Cheema said Bhutto had stood up from the sunroof to wave to her supporters and dashed her head on the lever when she tried to duck after hearing the gunshots.

It is being reported in Daily News & Analysis that an official of the Toyota company that manufactures the vehicle states that “We are convinced that it can’t be a lever (that caused the fatal head injury) but we are still looking into more details,” According to the official, the lever could not have caused the head injury as it was installed inside the vehicle and was at least six centimeters from the edge of the sunroof. At the same time, he did not dispute the fact that there could have been bloodstains on the lever. “This is understandable. If she was hit in the head by a bullet, bloodstains could have been left on the lever.”

A senior surgeon wrote: “There is no way a human being could generate the type of force required to cause a skull fracture by returning into their vehicle, through a sun roof or not. You see these kinds of injuries, as our government seems to be describing, when someone hits a skull with a hammer or a blunt instrument of some kind, not from falling down into a seat. Further, no one dies the way BB died from a skull fracture. Death is slow and prolonged, unless there are associated injuries such as a gun shot through the neck and the chest. The manner of her demise fits clearly and explicitly with being shot in the neck and the chest.

I’m sick of the lies. Just sick. I’m sick of those who say it was her fault for standing up to wave goodbye. I’m sick of those who blame anyone else but the Government who should have provided security and the pieces of shit who think murder and mayhem are justifiable methods of social protest. Just simply sick. (from:

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Bhutto’s death: A dream has vanished

killing-events.jpgbenazir-is-dead.jpgLast night I was passing by the main avenue when I saw some flickering lights in the distant. It was Pakistan peoples party office and the large portraits of Z. A. Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto were wrapped in the pitch darkness of the night. In the foreground were people with candles in their hands. It was a candle light vigil in memory of Benazir Bhutto.

Bhutto is the name for martyrdom in Pakistan. Benazir’s father, Zufikar Ali Bhutto was killed in 1979 by a hung decision of the supreme court (four out of nine judge declared him innocent). Then a few years later his younger son, Shahnawaz Bhutto was killed in a French riveria. Cause of his death remained a mystery till now. When Benazir became prime minister of Pakistan, her only remaining brother, Murtaza Bhutto was killed in a shoot out. Government agencies were callous enough to say that she ordered the killings. And now the final blow to the family and for Pakistan: Benazir was assassinated on the evening of December 27, 2007. Yesterday she was burried along side her father in Garhi Khuda Bux in the SIndh province and slogans were heard “we dont want Pakistan” “we dont want army”. Alas there is no one with the calibre of Benazir to stop this separatist sentiment. She was the only politician of stature and statesmanship who was gifted to hold the federation together. Now, after her, there is chaos and anarchy. More than fifty people have been killed and railway stations have been burned in the after math of this one killing. Army has been called in Sindh where the separtist sentiment is rising by the day. The political arena of Pakistan will miss Benazir for ever. There is simply no one with her subtle manners, high academic achievements, tolerant methods, liberal-democratic outlook, and above all the international recognition as a brave leader from the muslim world. Too bad that petty politicians like Fazlur Rehman and Pervez Elahi are all the stuff remaining and as the election date approaches, the nation is at a loss to be able to choose from this lot. Gone is the romance of Pakistani politics which was aglow with her name.

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They have killed the dreams and Benazir Bhutto

assassinated-ex-premier-benazir-bhutto.jpgDecember 27, 2007. United nations’ security council is said to meet shortly to talk about the post Bhutto scenario and the developments in Pakistan.  A news report on CNN and BBC just cofirmed.

The whole world is shocked and is grieving Benazir Bhutto, the heir to the legacy of late Z. A. Bhutto.

They killed Ms. Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi while she was addressing a political rally. An era has ended with her demise and Pakistan has lost the only credible political leadership. This is a huge loss and will be felt by the generations to come. Her father, the dynamic Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was killed by an army and court conspiracy in 1979 and ever since then political stability has never been possible in the country.  Later her two brothers, Murtaza and Shahnawaz were killed by the agencies and everybody in Pakistan knows about it. The whole family has been massacred. Dont forget that for the last eight years the country was being ruled singlehandedly by General Pervez Musharraf and his selected Chaudries, Mr. Pervez Elahi and Mr. Shujat Hussain. The rivalry between Pakistan Peoples party and chaudries is old and well known. The elder chaudry, Mr. Zahoor Elahi was the guy who boasted that he is the proud owner of the fountain pen with which the then supreme court judges turned down the clemency petition filed by the widow of late prime minister Z. A. Bhutto and the later was subsequently hanged in Rawalpindi. The same city saw her brilliant daughter, an Oxford graduate and the first woman prime minister of any muslim country murdered in cold blood and she breathed her last on her way to Rawalpindi general hospital. Bhuttos die like that. Martyrs, as people of Pakistan call them.

In a country with true literacy rate is hardly in twenties, the clan and tribe rivalry is of paramount importance. Honor killings and the acts of barbarism are the routine of the social fabric and its not considered a crime to kill an adversary. This tribal sentiment is not restricted to the Pathan areas or tribal belt of the Northern Pakistan. Its very much opertional in the hearts and minds of big landowners and industrialists of Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan. Its easy to accuse taliban of everything that goes wrong but the lamentable fact is that without Benazir Bhutto there is hardly any leadership which can be called liberal, democratic and educated. What Pakistan is left with is a bunch of opportunists whose only aim in life is to grab more lands and rob the banks of more money in the name of industrial growth. They are proud to have crude power and enjoy it.

After Benazir Bhutto Pakistan has nobody on its horizon to steer the nation through the demands of civil world and 21st century. This nation has suffered the unsuffereable. With Benazir Bhutto all the hope is gone. Now the remaining will rule without statesmanship, or even rhetoric to win public opinion. As such public opinion doesn’t even matter because the ruling elite is adept in breaking and molding the constitution of the country. Culture of tolerance has been thrown back with this single stroke of barbaric act and now if you look at the candidature of legislature, you will only encounter those who are deep in the mud of clan traditionialism and illiteracy. Health, education, higher education, research, development, unemployment, increasing wedge between the havenots and haves and other major problems faced by this third world country will now only get worsen and on top of that increasing role of mafia groups, illegal operations in the name of national interest will flourish.

Good bye a sensible, democratic Pakistan. We have successfully removed the only obstacle to the growth of the country and have thrown the visionaries into oblivion. No mourning or flag half masting will ever come to rescue the nation from the claws of dimwits with their lust for power at all costs. People will not dream as their dreams have met with bloody massacre and a land where dreams are murdered is one where no sane person would like to live. Wait for a massive exodus of educated people from Pakistan

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