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Freedom of speech or hate crime redifined?

First the excerpt from BBC News website: Irving tests Europe’s free speech As Europe proudly flexes its freedom of speech credentials in the ongoing row over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, even some of his enemies were uncomfortable that he … Continue reading

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Do Muslims consider suicide bombers as martyrs…?

Christians: Do you consider bombing the children, taking the lands of other nations illegally, making ghettos and causing holocausts, depriving people of their right to exist as “love of Lord”, misguided dupes or something else? Does bible teaches you tyranny? … Continue reading

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Why cant Iran have nuclear power when Israel, US, and others have it.

People say and claim: 1. Iran is a non peaceful country.we have had problems with them for years… 2. Iran is run by a bunch of lunatics that believe in something that came from before the middle ages(That’s the dark … Continue reading

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Is Hammas religiously based or political: Question

“Hamas is the modern day Adolf Hitler. Destroy it ASAP”. “Its evil incarnate”. All these slogans and answers to this question are great emotional upheavals. But is this “all” the realiy? or is there something more to it than we … Continue reading

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A nightmare called Sony Ericsson K 700i

So that is how I parted from my Sony Ericsson K 700i mobile phone  It was last May that the phone was launched with ads of various pop/rock/third grade to first rate artists holding the phone and their moms … Continue reading

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