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Pakistan after 13 months of Imran Khan’s rule

People in Pakistan are getting rest less with the rule of Imran Khan as he failed to deliver. The mega corrupt Sharif and Zardari families are having fun in jails while common man suffers. Continue reading

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Pakistan: Conflict of Kashmir with India.

A very brief introduction to the conflict of Kashmir between Pakistan and India. How in October 1947 the ruler of Kashmir fled to India and gave the entire Muslim majority province/state to India against the wishes of its people.

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PAKISTAN – as of October 2017.

A resume of life in general in Pakistan as observed in October 2017. Continue reading

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Freedom of speech or hate crime redifined?

First the excerpt from BBC News website: Irving tests Europe’s free speech As Europe proudly flexes its freedom of speech credentials in the ongoing row over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, even some of his enemies were uncomfortable that he … Continue reading

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Shortage of Water in Pakistan and Indian breach of Indus water treaty.

At Marala, on river Chenab (in Pakistan) the water flow was found to be 40% less than previous years in the second week of January 2010. The average flow at this point in last ten years has been 11,000 cusecs. … Continue reading

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Mian Nawaz Sharif: Democracy or Family Empire.

How a family thrives in business and politics in Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif’s family is an example. Continue reading

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Pakistan: Waiting for a Revolution!

The masses are shocked as in Pakistan the co Chairman of PPP Mr. Asif Ali Zardari leaves for London, then flies to Dubai and then calls the entire cabinet and the premier there. People are committing suicide because of increasing … Continue reading

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Latest war in Pakistan: Politics after Elections 2008.

The split mandate given in February 2008 elections by the nation didnt work out as anticipated. Things are going from bad to worse and the politicians have failed to deliver. After Benazir Bhutto there is nobody capable of real leadership … Continue reading

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The lever that didn’t kill Benazir Bhutto

Two days after the Bhutto’s assassination Brig. Javed Iqbal Cheema of the interior ministry, govt of Pakistan, in a live press conference told the viewers that it was “the lever of sunroof” which killed Benazir Bhutto. He claimed that this … Continue reading

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They have killed the dreams and Benazir Bhutto

December 27, 2007. United nations’ security council is said to meet shortly to talk about the post Bhutto scenario and the developments in Pakistan.  A news report on CNN and BBC just cofirmed. The whole world is shocked and is grieving … Continue reading

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