Ten (10) characteristics of empty men and women.

We are all empty at times. Being empty is not derogatory at all and does not mean you are not useful. Useful to yourself and to others. Emptiness simply means scarce use of or no upper story. Of course these men and women have an (almost) fully developed brain inside their heads which is measured in grams like everyone of us have this mass of protoplasm. But is brain just another measurement like temperature and weight which can be gauged by means of tools? After all brain is much more than a few grams of tissue and we need to fill it with our experiences. It however depends greatly what are those experiences and how deep is our desire for learning. Education does play an important part in its growth. Empty people fill it with very shallow and superficial stuff and then claim they have a ‘know it all’ brain. That is where things get askew.

1. Empty people are mostly concerned about themselves only. They start the conversation with “I or me” and end it at the same note. During talking they hardly ever think about the content. They ride on impulses and therefore whatever they talk about is mostly gibberish and lacks in solid content.


2. They have very selective memories. Their past is full of insignificant (not for them) and random learning processes. For example if in grade 6 their colleague told them that she has seen pigeons pooping on a window sill, they will repeat it after doing graduation at any random point and leave the listener bewildered about its reference. Element of suddenness is the hall mark of their talk.

3. They are mostly concerned about their shoes and clothes. Hours or even days are short when it comes to their choice and description of these items. They firmly believe if something goes wrong with these things, life will stop but for others. They will continue to flourish however. In this choice of clothes and shoes they give all the importance to the newness of the fashion market. They, somehow, must grab every new fashion regardless of the fact that they can afford it or not.

4. They don’t know how to speak softly. Always loud, they firmly believe that the pitch of their voice is a big argument in itself. In a sedate environment it is quite often that the only voice (loud) you hear is their yelling or shouting. They believe that if they talk in a soft tone, others will not be impressed by them.

being empty

5. They believe in argument but they don’t believe in reason. Quickly and without thinking they will convert any segment of daily talk into an argument of their choice and then start yelling. The proverb, think before you speak, is not in their vocabulary.

6. They believe they are the king or queen of the universe and rest of the population was created to obey them. If they happen to be a worker, they spend their lives lamenting that why someone else is the boss. In a work environment they live to see that their activities (all of them including the visits to the wash room) are all conveyed to their boss who should always think that in the work area there is no body else capable of swift raises and promotions.

7. They talk incessantly.  But when it comes to content, well, that is another matter. They are capable of talking only about people (or their shoes and clothes). They are not capable of talking about events or ideas.

8. They are always full of complaints. A faith keeps them alive that the world has been very cruel to them and that they deserve a better life, in home or office. The result is that they believe they are the only perfect humans on earth.

9. They make fun of other people in their absence. They will ridicule the other person for his/her appearance, color, habits, the way they converse, clothes he/she wears, even nails. Its inevitable that they find flaws and above mentioned and other areas of daily life. They will appear real cool in front of these people and act very polite but as soon as they meet another person, they start telling him how inferior is the person they just met.

10. Empty men and women are ingrates. They will never acknowledge if someone has been kind to them or did a favor. When talking about something in this area, they will always downplay the guy who helped them. Their main premise is that they are the perfect human beings and nobody ever helped them nor they would need help at any time in future.

Published by Dr. Afaq Ahmad Qureshi

Physician, writer, broadcaster, journalist, translator, free lance writer, poet, political and social analyst and critic. Writes plays and features for electronic media, interested in numerous things from sociology to medicine to history and art. interest in books and internet, writes for http://www.blogcritic.com also; editor for an internet journal; at http://twitter.com/dr_afaqaq.

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