PAKISTAN – as of October 2017.

Three months have passed since the historic supreme court judgment on 28th July 2017 which declared that the prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif is not honest and credible since he be removed from his office. There was no public out cry as everybody knew that Sharifs have done nothing but amass huge wealth in their 30 year rule over the country. They constructed some roads in their majority province, Punjab but nothing was done in the domains of education, health care or even clean drinking water. The younger Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif who is the chief minister of the largest province, Punjab madly persuaded his mega schemes for transport but in the same province patients died of unavailability of medicines. In the largest cardio-vascular hospital in the city of Lahore, patients with Coronary artery disease were given two years time for a bypass operation while he spent billions of rupees on local train project. His utterly failed schemes which were supposed to revolutionize the economy were Yellow cab scheme, Danish schools, and Cheap roti scheme. Billions were spent on these projects and they yielded nothing for the poor. PMLN cronies got all the benefits and they were clamped officially.


Famous DARAWAR fort in Cholistan desert, Pakistan.


The camp of the ruling party (PMLN) is now busy to malign judiciary and military because they firmly believe that these two institutions are behind the supreme court decision. Fortunately for Pakistan the public does not believe in the thesis of PMLN. They are fully aware of the corruption scandals of Sharifs which were first came to international lime light by the Panama papers.

The second and third place political parties, PTI (Pakistan tehrik e insaf) and PPP (Pakistan peoples party) are trying their best to fill the vacuum. The one province which has been the source of power for Sharifs has a cultural set up in which people don’t choose leaders but gods. In a recently concluded by elections in NA 120 the PMLN candidate won because they generously distributed money, cell phones and jobs. What we are observing is the sad demise of integrity and merit from Pakistan. When the public is ready to be sold for a few thousand bucks, there is no room for quality or honesty. It looks as if the people have accepted that the political leadership is allowed to earn billions and that they are above the law.


On 19th October 2017, the NAB (National accountability bureau) judge, Bashir Ahmad formally indicted Maryam Nawaz Sharif (who incidentally is the de facto prime minister of the country and the daughter of Nawaz Sharif), her husband, Captain retired Safdar and Nawaz Sharif. There was no public out cry seen outside the NAB court in Islamabad and the proceedings progressed peacefully.  All of them have pleaded not guilty and now the nation will wait for the court proceedings while Sharifs will try their best to malign the institutions because they love to claim that there is some conspiracy going on against them. They, however, fail to tell the people of Pakistan that what magic wand they had which made them billionaires after coming to power 30 years ago.


Published by Dr. Afaq Ahmad Qureshi

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7 thoughts on “PAKISTAN – as of October 2017.

  1. Even though Nawaz Sharif is corrupt, but still better than Zardari (Mr. 10 percent) and Imran Khan (master of U-turns). At least he tackeled load shedding


    1. This is not an ideal situation, I agree. Zardari may be Mr. hundred percent but honestly, how did Sharifs rose from a 4 marla house in Gawalmandi to having palaces in Dubai and UK. That sounds unreal. I am not a PTI member either but we are a society in transition and as such need fresh blood to enter this corruption ridden band wagon of politicians.

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        1. He was no industrialist till he became the finance minister courtesy of General Ghulam Gilani in Zia’s era. His dad used to visit the general’s house which was being built and supplied iron bars and other stuff. When the general asked how can he return the favor, the senior Sharif told him that his eldest son is so very fond of politics so he appointed him his finance minister. They never looked back from that point. Originally they used to have a small foundry in inside Lahore area and the locals of that area are witness to their rapid rise.


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