Freshly Pressed Ideas: (Not a manual for being freshly pressed).

1. Photography: Use the lens to capture the following.

A bicycle or its parts. Any other machine / machinery parts are also FP worthy.1 So take heed and give importance to the old parts lying in and around your dwelling. A favorite is a very old (read ancient) automobile. The likes of a T model and a vintage Volkswagen photographed at oblique angles with rust showing as décor are strongly recommended. Fungus growth is to be considered an added advantage, provided your shots highlight it.

A passage/ street/ residential block/ sea or riverside etc. and what grows out there like ground nuts and sweet potatoes (which are not seen on the ground hence the whole charm of photographing them).

A flower or its parts. Flower containers are somehow not popular.

A bridge or its parts (like what is it like under the bridge). Little bit of water can be included to increase the marks (if there are such in deciding a FP blog).

Try to capture the abstract like Wind, Breeze, Sounds etc.

Decorations on festive occasions.

2. Prose (remember poetry as such finds it very difficult to find place in the freshly pressed elite club).

Preparing a meal.

Thinking of preparing a meal.

Talk about a movie you don’t want to watch.

Talk about a set of movies you don’t want to watch.

Latest fight between husband and wife (read girlfriend / boyfriend if you don’t like the nomenclature).

How you avoided a fight with your girlfriend / boyfriend.

Teething problems of your dog.

Travel & / or visit to an exotic place (exotic means outside America). This account will encourage the Americans to have sympathy for those ‘poor’ people / their system of living & they would feel great. You get freshly pressed.

Wear an old dress and talk about it (want be sure of getting freshly pressed: get a corresponding photograph also).

Numbered account of your recent visit to your in-laws who gave you a very cold shoulder.

Lists: Like a list of activities which you never plan to do or a list of things which you actually did but the neighbors called the police.

Sketches are popular. You can be FP if you can draw like a 2nd grader. Cruder the sketches, more FP’able they become. Like you can sketch your cat’s maternity leave and see it getting popular in no time (or till the kittens become grand parents – who knows).

1. FP = Freshly Pressed.

2. This list is not complete and cannot be completed. New ideas will keep on coming. So keep on waiting for them and add yours, please. Till then good luck with the dreams of getting freshly pressed.

3. No matter what your FP’ed blog contains, rest assured that there will be hundred of keen followers and like-ers who will shower you with even keen (read absurd) comments as it provides them with the only chance of getting noticed.

A step behind being freshly pressed. Image

Published by Dr. Afaq Ahmad Qureshi

Physician, writer, broadcaster, journalist, translator, free lance writer, poet, political and social analyst and critic. Writes plays and features for electronic media, interested in numerous things from sociology to medicine to history and art. interest in books and internet, writes for also; editor for an internet journal; at

6 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed Ideas: (Not a manual for being freshly pressed).

  1. Not a manual for being freshly pressed! – that’s funny, because I don’t think anyone knows how to get that – it just happens to some 🙂

    This was interesting & inspiring. I don’t have a handicam that takes still shots, but I’m more into moving photography (movies).

    What you said about taking a photo of a flower though – so true. Flowers close up are just so stunning.

    Merry Christmas to you, & happy new year 🙂 Noeleen

    Liked by 1 person

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