Freedom of speech or hate crime redifined?

First the excerpt from BBC News website:

Irving tests Europe’s free speech

As Europe proudly flexes its freedom of speech credentials in the ongoing row over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, even some of his enemies were uncomfortable that he faced incarceration for his unpalatable historical views.

for those readers who are mildly aware of the facts and figures of holocaust and its ramifications into the Western culture, and its ultimate inclusion in the thought process / collective psyche of the West, the guilt these facts, factoids,stories, movies, books and cornucopia of a very well planned propaganda about the real and presumed misery of a people generated in the mind of the post world war II free world, it is suggested that they read the tragedy accounts by unbiased historians and without prejudice. Nobody denies that atrocities were not committed and it surely was a crime against humanity when thousands of Jews were killed in the ghettos of Adolf Hitler’s regime. But is it fair to literally kidnap the free thinking and ban it by imposing harsh sentences in the name of ‘hate crimes’ when somebody dares to differ? Do ask yourself this question.

And its a coincidence that all claims about the freedom of speech are null and void when somebody from the same West (oh we are proud of our freedom and its these barbaric-extremist Muslims who are against the freedom of speech/ democratic values) dares to raise voice that ”hey give me a break, it wasn’t at least 6 millions Jews who perished in the concentration camps in Poland and Germany. Saying this, it’s on record, amounts to ‘hate crime’. What is hard to understand and goes against all logic, is the fact that if you do something to ridicule the very belief of a religion, you allow it, look forward to propagate it and any reactions thereof are labeled as ‘acts of terrorism and intolerance’, then its time you face the mirror and acknowledge the masked values boasting of freedom and democracy. The same thing has happened very recently on Facebook where ‘draw’ page was allowed but the pages about holocaust and Hitler were promptly banned.

The news of a famous historian, Mr. King’s trial and sentence have made me feel bad. Is he being punished for freedom of speech?

“…(Mr. King) has now been sentenced to three years after being found guilty of Holocaust denial at a trial in Vienna (reported BBC news)”.
It’s ironical that he is “guilty” of denying holocaust which is not as divine as a prophet at least, and neither is considered a book of God. But those who are guilty of making and publishing caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad (who incidentally declared that His followers are not to consider themselves faithful unless they have complete faith in the prophet hood of all the prophets from Abraham, Jesus, Isaac, Jacob to Moses) are hauled as the flag bearers of liberty and are above the law.

One section of the biased and totally under the influence of aforementioned ramification-into-collective-psyche press has the cheek to discuss this whole incidence by saying that Mr. King is a “notorious” guy who did the unthinkable by denying the ‘sacred’ holocaust (this may be noted that no sane person on earth can deny that killings are the most heinous of crimes and the killing of Jews by German authorities is lamentable and cannot be justified by any school of thought or religion. In the words of that section of the press …”Notorious British right-wing historian David Irving finally got his day in court in Vienna on Monday, where he is facing charges that could lead to up to 10 years of imprisonment in Austria on allegations that he denied the extent of the Holocaust”… How myopic we become when degrading a person whose only crime is to stay away from the mainstream; mainstream in this case means that why on earth he dared to differ from the intricately woven web of beliefs about the alleged killing of 6 million human beings, is evident from the following comments by the same ‘free speech’ advocates …”The self-confident, self-taught writer has enjoyed causing uproar, especially among mainstream historians, ever since the 1960s. His sensationally written and extensively documented biographies of leading Nazi figures were bestsellers up until the 1980s…”.

The world has a test case for its conscience. The press has to rethink about its much talked about ‘freedom’, because it’s not fair and democratic to punish someone whose crime is free speech and publication of what he thinks is right and if he is punished, then what about the Dutch cartoonist who insulted a billion people living on the same planet?

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