They have killed the dreams and Benazir Bhutto

assassinated-ex-premier-benazir-bhutto.jpgDecember 27, 2007. United nations’ security council is said to meet shortly to talk about the post Bhutto scenario and the developments in Pakistan.  A news report on CNN and BBC just cofirmed.

The whole world is shocked and is grieving Benazir Bhutto, the heir to the legacy of late Z. A. Bhutto.

They killed Ms. Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi while she was addressing a political rally. An era has ended with her demise and Pakistan has lost the only credible political leadership. This is a huge loss and will be felt by the generations to come. Her father, the dynamic Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was killed by an army and court conspiracy in 1979 and ever since then political stability has never been possible in the country.  Later her two brothers, Murtaza and Shahnawaz were killed by the agencies and everybody in Pakistan knows about it. The whole family has been massacred. Dont forget that for the last eight years the country was being ruled singlehandedly by General Pervez Musharraf and his selected Chaudries, Mr. Pervez Elahi and Mr. Shujat Hussain. The rivalry between Pakistan Peoples party and chaudries is old and well known. The elder chaudry, Mr. Zahoor Elahi was the guy who boasted that he is the proud owner of the fountain pen with which the then supreme court judges turned down the clemency petition filed by the widow of late prime minister Z. A. Bhutto and the later was subsequently hanged in Rawalpindi. The same city saw her brilliant daughter, an Oxford graduate and the first woman prime minister of any muslim country murdered in cold blood and she breathed her last on her way to Rawalpindi general hospital. Bhuttos die like that. Martyrs, as people of Pakistan call them.

In a country with true literacy rate is hardly in twenties, the clan and tribe rivalry is of paramount importance. Honor killings and the acts of barbarism are the routine of the social fabric and its not considered a crime to kill an adversary. This tribal sentiment is not restricted to the Pathan areas or tribal belt of the Northern Pakistan. Its very much opertional in the hearts and minds of big landowners and industrialists of Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan. Its easy to accuse taliban of everything that goes wrong but the lamentable fact is that without Benazir Bhutto there is hardly any leadership which can be called liberal, democratic and educated. What Pakistan is left with is a bunch of opportunists whose only aim in life is to grab more lands and rob the banks of more money in the name of industrial growth. They are proud to have crude power and enjoy it.

After Benazir Bhutto Pakistan has nobody on its horizon to steer the nation through the demands of civil world and 21st century. This nation has suffered the unsuffereable. With Benazir Bhutto all the hope is gone. Now the remaining will rule without statesmanship, or even rhetoric to win public opinion. As such public opinion doesn’t even matter because the ruling elite is adept in breaking and molding the constitution of the country. Culture of tolerance has been thrown back with this single stroke of barbaric act and now if you look at the candidature of legislature, you will only encounter those who are deep in the mud of clan traditionialism and illiteracy. Health, education, higher education, research, development, unemployment, increasing wedge between the havenots and haves and other major problems faced by this third world country will now only get worsen and on top of that increasing role of mafia groups, illegal operations in the name of national interest will flourish.

Good bye a sensible, democratic Pakistan. We have successfully removed the only obstacle to the growth of the country and have thrown the visionaries into oblivion. No mourning or flag half masting will ever come to rescue the nation from the claws of dimwits with their lust for power at all costs. People will not dream as their dreams have met with bloody massacre and a land where dreams are murdered is one where no sane person would like to live. Wait for a massive exodus of educated people from Pakistan

About Dr. Afaq Ahmad Qureshi

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