Using Jad/Jar files in Cell phone games

(these steps are mostly for phones made by Nokia, Sonyericsson, Motorolla). Please check the synchronisation methods of your own cell phone with the PC before downloading games/ themes/ music to your computer.)

First download the games from the internet. For free games in java format (jar/jad format) some of the sites are:
3. (supply your phone model in their search box and hit go; this site provides all the games compatible with your phone).
4. (not only games but you can also download ringtones, themes, personlized wall papers etc from this site).
STEP 2. Once you have downloaded these games to your computer (remember to put them in a specified folder), use the CD which you have with your phone and install the PC Suite which comes with your cell phone. If you dont have CD, then try their website and download the suite. It enables you to easily transfer the game files. You can download the pc suites for nokia phones from or for sonyericsson phones, from, Most smart phones however come with the installation CD as part of standard accessories.
STEP 3. When the jad/jar file asks you on the phone where do you want to install it, click “memory card”; it will be saved on your memory card instead of taking place in phone memory.


January 23, 2018.

After so many years of posting this blog let me say that now there are only two systems in the area of mobile phones. These games/ apps are either at GOOGLE PLAY or iOS sites. People getting young now may not even know there was once a very popular phone called NOKIA 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Using Jad/Jar files in Cell phone games

  1. I have “Cright Q9” china mobile, however, it not support to .nes, .jar and .jad games format. Do any one know about this issue or how to enable Java in my mobile?


    1. Most china made phones do not support symbian operating system and / or Java applications. I’m afraid you have to buy a suitable set to have these files enabled on your set. If someone knows more about it, please guide Mr. Noman.


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  3. Nice level of information here. There is so much data around about this subject that sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees but you have pitched this at just the right level so that the lay person can understand – thank you!


    1. If you Samsung eternity runs of Symbian system (version 60/ 2 or 3 or later) then I hope these files would run effortlessly. Please check the specifications of the operating system of your phone by going to its site or search/find it and check them.


  4. O2 cocoon phones have to have symbian operating system for these java files to work. Please check your retail shop / vendor from where you purchased the phone. You can also check your “instruction manual” supplied with the phone and see which operating system is being used in your apparatus. I hope there is something which can be done. If I find out, I will let you know on these pages.


    1. Hi,
      I am use O2 cocoon too, I also have no idea 2 install any application and java games.
      Shall any one can help me ?


    1. Check the configuration of the game. Sometimes its like 210 x 176 or 176 x 176; it represents the screen size and if its not compatible with your phoneset the game will not show in its fullest. Go to where you downloaded the file and check the configuration of the game. Maybe there are other configurations available; if so, check the one which best suits your phone set. Happy gaming.


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