Is the story of Davinci code true?

With the release of the movie ‘da vinci code’ this question will once again arise in the minds and hearts of people. And to question is not a sin. The whole idea of the book and a lot of others on this topic revolve around two diverse points of views:
a. That Jesus was a prophet of God almighty and was born to virgin Mary by the will of God (this concept is part of the belief system of all the Muslims also who rever Jesus as a Prophet like Abraham, David, Jacob and others). In their holy book Quran, it is maintained that Jesus has never died and therefore he will come again to lead all the faithful on the face of earth to the one and only true path for deliverance. Second coming of Jesus makes the basis of the Muslim belief which envisages a Day of judgment and life after death. In that backdrop it would not be unlikely if Jesus had married and raised kids even. This is not a sin. After all marriage is sacred in almost all the religions of the world.
b: The church, Vatican, invented the idea of trinity and gave divinity to Jesus. They therefore, cannot subscribe to the idea of Jesus getting married or having children. It may have been the Jewish pharisees or Roman tyranny which led vatican to shroud Jesus in divinity to safeguard a new religion (at that time). Once at the pedestal of divinity, one is not then expected to observe the laws which govern all the human beings (and all other prophets of the God). The severe rebuttal of church is therefore understandable.
What is the real truth, we probably would only know when Jesus on his second coming would tell the world. Until then this argument would keep on circulating in the minds of people. After all we are mortals and cannot understand the supreme will of Lord.
All we should do is keep our minds and hearts open and listen to reason without indulging in fights over these phenomena. Lord, incidentally, is above wrongs.



About Dr. Afaq Ahmad Qureshi

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