Is Hammas religiously based or political: Question

Palestine Map“Hamas is the modern day Adolf Hitler. Destroy it ASAP”. “Its evil incarnate”. All these slogans and answers to this question are great emotional upheavals. But is this “all” the realiy? or is there something more to it than we are fed with through our beloved newsmedia.
What about Christian democrat parties, by the way. What about George W. Bush’s adherence to the holy book? Does secular minds who condemn Hamas realize that religious doctrines are always there. Faith is the common denominator for all of us. If I am a Christian, I have no right to condemn those who are not. US government has taken a U turn after failing to find weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s) and told the world that its the restoration of democracy which is their primary objective to invade Iraq; and they are killing children and women and elderly and getting American soldiers killed to restore that democracy. If a people have elected Hamas as their political leadership why do we start to object then? When will we get rid of our hypocrisy? The World is fed up of US policies of hegemony and ‘pick and chose’ only those ‘democracies’ which suit its expansion plans. Like in Pakistan US backs a general who came to power after toppling a democratically elected government. Double standards have only instilled in our minds a false sense of superiority and of being the ‘rulers of the world’ which is catastrophic for the peace. Regional as well as global. IRA was not Muslims, the Oklahoma bombings and the Columbine high school massacres had nothing to do with Islam or Hamas or Muslims in general. Lets stop at policing the planet and thrusting upon them what we think is right. Others have their rights and they have all the moral rights to exercise them.


“one US sodier is not worth all the population of P… (or whatever the conquered country the question-er had in mind). Its patriotic and I fully agree. Every nation must respect its soil and soul. For every nation the right is there to sanctify its own people. Driving car bombs is what exactly American would do if Iraq or Mexico would have ruthlessly bombed it to rubble. When you drive a nation’s own people out of their homes with force or fear, then you don’t expect garlands. Lets face it, I”m not Iraqi or a supporter of terrorist activities. But when we take the basic rights of other people in our hands, then we must be prepared for their venom and backlash. Are we forgettng the lessons of Vietnam war? The Vietkong guerillas ambushed, killed, burnt and maimed American soldiers till the US realised its too damaging and had to accept defeat (no offence). Now I didnt read anywhere that Vietnamese were Muslims.
If George W. Bush is secular and wages war against another code of ethics and is proud to be Christian, then Hammas is secular too.

Annexure II:

A very good example of how media influences the minds of (largely) US citizens is here. “…we see them wearing those masks,.. next thing we see is riots….” The answer-er is right in asserting that he thinks its not good because of what he sees, and admits that “I dont know a lot about them.” That is the root cause of so much misunderstanding. Without having a fair knowledge about them, we label people as ‘bad’ just because fox/abc/nbc says so. Yes Hamas is a political organization. Just like Republicans or Democrats. It won recently held elections and got a right to elect its leader as the head of the Palestenian government. That is what democracy is. Give the people right to choose. US policiy to enforce democracy on other nations didn’t need another attack on Palestine on this pretext. They have elected representation. But can we take from them the right to protest if a foreign force takes from them their own land and resources? Is it not terrorism? And if Hamas or others protest, are they not justified in the face of the terror of occupation forces? Did French after capitulation not wage a guerilla warfare to free their country from German oppression? We honor them as freedom fighters. Why then we discriminate when other people ask for their rights?


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2 Responses to Is Hammas religiously based or political: Question

  1. afaq says:

    Annexures are attachments to the original ‘answer’ which was about Hamas. As for labelling them deprived of sexual release there is no room for a decent argument. Adolph Hitler must have been given a promise of million or more broads; If that is what we think of serious political movements outside USA.


  2. What does annexure mean? I think Hamas is a group of angry young men deprived of sexual release and promised 72 broads when they perform a requested task. The time between puberty and the task performance tends to make them a little ornery. My two cents anyway.


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