How does elephants get pregnant

ElephantsThere are proteins involved in helping male elephants detect female sex pheromone. In the female elephant’s urine, the pheromone is attached to albumin, a urine protein. Acidity in the male elephant’s mucus separates the pheromone from the albumin so the male can smell the sex attractant. After this attraction is accomplished, the two beasts being mammals don’t take time to find an apartment or something, they just mate. Have a sexual intercourse in which the male elephant holds the female partner with his forelegs and makes his sex organ enter the vaginal cavity of the female elephant. Sperm is ejaculated which in turn gets fused with the ovum already present in the Uterine wall of the female elephant. Two cells join to form a single cell from which a new baby elephant develops. A baby elephant is one of the cutest things if you see it on Discovery channel or Animal planet or any other channel. The act of copulation is similar in other large animals like Rhinoceros also

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